$125,000 lottery ticket nearly ended up tossed out truck window


A North Carolina man said the Cash 5 lottery ticket that earned him a $120,000 prize nearly was tossed out the window of his truck.

Jerry Dennis, of Concord, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he was cleaning out his truck and tossing out the trash through the window recently when he came across the ticket he bought for the July 13 Cash 5 drawing.

“I about threw that ticket away,” Dennis said. “I had it lying on the seat of my pickup. The other day I started cleaning out my truck and thought, ‘I better check it. I feel lucky today.'”

The ticket, which Dennis had purchased from Sam’s Mini Stop in Concord, turned out to be a $120,000 winner.

“I was tickled to death, I’ll tell you that,” Dennis recalled.

Dennis, who worked on a race team for about 15 years, said he plans to use some of his winnings to buy a new Cadillac and will give some of the windfall to his children.