Canadian YouTuber’s team creates world’s brightest outsized flashlight


A Canadian YouTuber and inventor earned a second Guinness World Record when he and his team created the world’s brightest outsized flashlight.

James Hobson, founder of Hacksmith Industries and creator of the Hacksmith channel on YouTube, posted a video showing off the super-sized flashlight, which shines at a record-breaking 501,031 lumens.

The Hacksmith team’s Nitebrite 300 flashlight contains 300 LED bulbs. Guinness World Records said the most powerful commercially available flashlight, the Imalent MS 18, contains only 18 LEDs.

The team said the Nitebrite 300 contains 50 boards, which each have 6 LED bulbs, and the boards are connected to drivers that are all powered by a single battery.

The inventors said they used a Fresnel reading magnifier to center the light and create a focused beam after their initial build resulted in multi-directional light being projected around the workshop.

The team used a Crookes Radiometer, a tool that uses a high-powered fan to measure the power of light waves, and the intensity of the light from the Nitebrite 300 caused the radiometer to explode.

The Hacksmith team previously set a Guinness World Record when they created the world’s first retractable proto-lightsaber.