What was the ‘poor boy’, designed by Sonia Rykiel? The Weekend quiz


The questions
1 Which philosopher’s birth was hastened by news of the Spanish Armada?
2 What has been closed 199 times since 1982?
3 Who has Banksy depicted snorting, kissing and flying?
4 Which building is known as the ship of the Fens?
5 What magical artefact came from the ram Chrysomallos?
6 Which TV series had Miami, NY and Cyber spin-offs?
7 What was the “poor boy”, designed by Sonia Rykiel?
8 What is Wisdom, the world’s oldest-known wild bird?
What links:
9 Cervical; thoracic; lumbar; sacrum; coccyx?
10 George V; Victor Hugo; Rome; Stalingrad; Europe?
11 Grand Coulee; Three Gorges; Aswan; Hoover?
12 Iris Murdoch; Sylvia Llewelyn Davies; Joanna Hoffman; Mary Anning?
13 I; II; II*?
14 Jennings; Gallas; Adebayor; Campbell?
15 Let’s Stay Together; I Got You (I Feel Good); You’re The First, The Last, My Everything?

The answers
1 Thomas Hobbes.
2 Thames Barrier (as of June 2021).
3 Coppers.
4 Ely Cathedral.
5 Golden fleece.
6 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
7 Sweater.
8 Albatross (c.70 years old).
9 Regions of the spine.
10 Stations on the Paris Métro.
11 Dams: Columbia River; Yangtze; Nile; Colorado.
12 Real people played on screen by Kate Winslet.
13 Categories of listed building (England and Wales).
14 Played for both Arsenal and Tottenham.
15 By soul singers with colourful names: Al Green; James Brown; Barry White.